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CurrentCare, Rhode Islandís the Statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE), is a secure electronic system which will allow doctors and other care givers immediate access to a patientís up-to-date health information in order to provide the best possible and most comprehensive care. It is a service of the Rhode Island Quality Institute, a leader in health information technology committed to improving the quality of healthcare in Rhode Island.

The use and operation of CurrentCare is governed by the Rhode Island Health Information Exchange Act of 2008. As expressed in the HIE Act, the State of Rhode Island views CurrentCare as the means to promote patient-centered care, allow widespread utilization of electronic health records by health care providers, improve the quality, safety and value of health care, keep health information secure and confidential, and progress toward meeting public health goals.

Participation in CurrentCare is voluntary and free for both patients and health care providers. Health information may only be put in CurrentCare with the consent of the patient. Health information may only be released from CurrentCare:

  1. With the consent of the patient or,
  2. In an emergency, to a provider in order to provide treatment or,
  3. For those purposes in the interest of the publicís health.

Furthermore, with regard to providers, health information may only be released to those providers who have signed an agreement to participate in CurrentCare as data users. No other entity, including insurance companies and employers, will have access to this information. Through CurrentCare, patients will have the ability to learn who has viewed their medical information.

Many individuals see several doctors, take multiple medications, and go to several locations for medical tests. CurrentCare ensures that all of an enrolled patientís healthcare providers have the information they need to coordinate the best possible care. Most significantly, CurrentCare contributes to the reduction of medical errors, prevention of avoidable hospitalizations and emergency room visits and improved care coordination between providers. As more patients enroll in CurrentCare, more data accumulates and more providers have access to health data to coordinate care, Rhode Islanders will benefit from better healthcare and a better healthcare system.

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