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Founded in 2001, the Rhode Island Quality Instituteís (RIQI) mission is to significantly improve the quality, safety, and value of health care in Rhode Island.

RIQI is a non-profit and a collaboration of leaders in the Rhode Island community including CEOs of hospitals, health insurers, and businesses, along with leaders of consumer groups, academia, and government.  This group is determined to significantly improve the healthcare system in the state by building on the availability and advantages of health information technology.

Together, we look for innovation solutions, champion changes throughout our organizations, and dedicate time, money and expertise to transforming and improving the quality of healthcare in Rhode Island.

Is there hope for the healthcare system?

We believe there is.  Everybody can tell you whatís wrong with the healthcare system, and, depending on his or her concerns, what needs to be done to make it right.  Only by embracing different interests and working together can we significantly improve healthcare in Rhode Island.

Next Board of Directors Meeting:

The Board will next meet on Wednesday,
December 2, 2015

We are pleased to share the Rhode Island Quality Institute Strategic Plan 2013-2015.

This document outlines RIQIís key near-term goals and strategies for significantly improving health and healthcare in the state by building on the capacities we have developed for care coordination, reduction of medical error and waste, quality measurement and improvement and engaging in the lives of consumers, patients and families.

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